As of yesterday, Aperture Star Creations is no more. I have decided to go fully freelance and have begun removing all Aperture Star Creations sites, pages and listings from the internet. I will be focusing most of my energies on my Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr pages. I will continue working as a photographer, retoucher, yadda-yadda-yadda, but under my stage name of DJ Jarak. No more company names. It’s less to manage and there is no need to pay that pesky annual company re-registration fee anymore. Also, it seems that there were many who know me as both DJ Jarak and Aperture Star Creations, but had no idea they both were the same person. Show much how attention people give, right? Anyway, that will be the last update you see on this page, which will remain open so people can be forwarded to my personal Tumblr at www.djjarak.tumblr.com.

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