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Thanks to one of my best friends who is insisting on treating me to a trip to Arizona for the month of January, I will be based there during that time. If you are located in Arizona and would be interested in shooting with me, contact me as soon as possible and I will book you. I will be staying in Glendale.


There are a number of models who paid for photo sessions with me over the last few months who’ve yet to pick their favorites out of the lot for processing. Even though you paid for them, I can’t wait for your decisions much longer. My schedule is only going to get more and more full and once it gets to a certain point, I won’t be able to make long passed jobs a priority and longer. As the old saying goes, use it or lose it.


What is a photo retoucher, you ask? They’re the reason your dry skin isn’t dry in your photos. They’re the reason your pot marks are now gone. They are the reason your cottage cheese thighs are now toned. They are the reason you went from ordinary to sexy. A photographer’s lighting tricks can only do so much. The real magic happens in post-production. So, if you come into the studio looking tragically imperfect, don’t blame the photographer when you don’t see Angelina Jodie in your photos. That is unless you give him or her the time to edit your photos. If you want them as is, that’s your choice, but you must not blame them for you looking as you really are.

Any reasonable photographer knows that modeling isn’t easy. You don’t have to be skinny anymore, but it is expected that you take good care of your skin and dress for your body type. Know your body. Know what makes you look good and what doesn’t. I shoot all types of models; skinny, thin, medium, fit, muscle-bound, plus size, large. It doesn’t matter how big you are. If you take care of your skin and dress to fit your look, you can be not just beautiful, but sexy.


A photo is the property of the photographer, not the model. This means that unless the photographer has given the model direct permission or has legally released the photo to the model by the signing of a legally binding release form, it is illegal and unethical for anyone but the photographer to alter their photos it in anyway. This includes color alterations, adding filters, and especially, cropping off their name or mark. It is also illegal to publish their photos without their permission. Normally it’s understood that online posting is okay as long as the photographer is credited, but print publishing is another matter. Most legitimate magazines and newspapers will require the photographer to submit photos and artwork as it is their property, not the model. I know a great numbers of models who know this but claim they do not in order to get away with having their way. Please, don’t do that. You’ll only get yourselves into trouble.

People have lost millions over a single image. I have a friend whose very successful company went belly up because he published photos of his fiance who was under contract with another company. Be smart. I don’t want to see any of you get into legal trouble and I certainly don’t want to be the one to bring it upon you. I may be social and loose when it comes to personal matters, but when it comes to how I operate my business, I am a professional and will protect myself and my professional reputation. I have the will, legal representation, and the law on my side. This is your warning.

Aperture Star Creations in Cheektowaga , NY

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Don’t ask when I’m available, know when I’m available. Then request your booking date. See my current schedule for available time-slots. Once you make your appointment, it will be held for 48 hours. You have that time to send a $25 deposit to ApertureStar@gmail.com. Your deposit will make sure that your desired time-slot remains open after the initial 48 hours. If payment is not received, your desired time-slot could easily be taken by another.

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